More About OELP

OELP includes the following credits:

  • CGR4M - Grade 12 Geography
    "The Environment and
    Resource Management"

  • ENG3U / ENG3C - Grade 11 English
           - OR -
    NBE3U / NBE3C - Grade 11 English
    "Contemporary Aboriginal Voices"

  • Cooperative Education (1 credit)

Components of OELP


All three courses in OELP are integrated with an environmental theme.  Students examine local and global environmental issues and develop a personal environmental ethic.  Later, they work to become responsible global citizens by taking ownership in local environmental projects at the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre.


OELP is experiential and leadership-focused by nature.  All students enrolled in the program have an opportunity to experience leading the group while in the classroom, in the community, and on multi-day adventure trips.  This culminates in a final canoe expedition.


Students are encouraged to become critical, conscientious participants and leaders in the school, community and society.  They learn to critically analyse media and cultural frameworks, and express their thoughts in reflective pieces that document their personal journeys over the semester.


Students in OELP spend three periods each day together, giving them time to cultivate a bond not often seen in a traditional rotary environment.  There are numerous opportunities during the semester for students to expand this bond to the greater comunity, in the form of volunteer projects and cooperative experiences.


As a part of a culturally unique region with an important geographical and anthropological history, students are engaged in activities designed to promote cultural awareness and appreciation.  Upon completion of their English credit, they may apply to have this converted to the "English: Contemporary Aboriginal Voices" credit, in either the University or College pathway.  This is also a compulsory English credit, which is a Ministry-approved substitution for the Grade 11 compulsory English credit.


Numerous experiential certifications are included in the package.  These may include:

  • Standard First Aid
  • CPR Level A
  • AED Training
  • GPS Training
  • Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA) Flatwater Canoeing
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • Leave No Trace Awareness