The first day of the new semester is here!  WELCOME to all new OELP students!!!  The opportunity is here; it's up to you to make it the experience of a lifetime.  Just a few reminders:

  • Come prepared tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) and Friday to get out into the great outdoors.  This includes weather-appropriate layers, coat, snow pants, winter boots, hat and mittens/gloves.  Basically, dress like you're going out to run around in the snow.  Hooray!
  • All students are expected to have a JOURNAL by Monday, February 8th, and sooner if possible.
  • Please be sure to get all FORMS signed and returned no later than Friday, February 12th.  The form for Brock University needs to be in earlier, by Monday, February 8th.
  • Your COURSE DEPOSIT is due by Friday, February 12th.  See Ms. Brooks if you have concerns or would like to get information on available bursaries.

One more thing - tomorrow, to prove you've completed your homework and familiarized yourself with this blog, you will need this "password" to be admitted to class (without embarassment):

"There's no such thing as bad weather; just inappropriate clothing choices."

See you tomorrow!