It's just a few short months until OELP 2010 begins, and already it looks like we're going to have quite the season!  This blog has been created to give you access to some of the files you need in order to remain organized in the course.  Files will be uploaded in order, with the most current files listed at the top of the column to the right of this blog.  Currently, there are four different files you can check out...
  • OELP Calendar - This is a tentative calendar to give you an idea of what kinds of trips we may be taking throughout the semester; keep in mind that these dates/trips may change.
  • CGR4M Course Outline - "The Environment and Resource Management" Syllabus
  • ENG3U Course Outline - English Syllabus (University pathway)
  • ENG3C Course Outline - English Syllabus (College pathway)

...just a taste of what's to come!!