As of December 1st, all Environmental Specialist High Skills Major and OELP students have been enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program.  The aims of the Award Program are to encourage and stimulate:
  • self-reliance and self-discipline,
  • perseverance and determination,
  • initiative and creativity,
  • community involvement and social responsibility,
  • value orientation and value-oriented decision making,
  • the spirit of adventure,
  • fitness of body and mind,
  • vocational, cultural and family life skills, and
  • interational understanding and awareness.

This program is recognized in many countries around the world, and by many post-secondary institutions.
Students will first be working toward their Bronze Award, which is one of the seven certifications in the SHSM program.  The Bronze Award includes many components of OELP:

  1. Service (15 hours over 6 months)
  2. Adventurous Journal (practice and qualifying overnight trip)
  3. Skill (development of a skill over 6 months)
  4. Physical Recreation (30 hours over 15 weeks)

Stay tuned to the announcements for news about our first introductory meeting, when you will receive your Record Book and more details.  Or....get a sneak peek by going to the Duke of Ed Website!