Do I need to be taking certain courses in order to be in the SHSM program?

Yes.  However, you have many course options.  Students can obtain a SHSM in the Environment through a geography, science or physical education focus, or through a combination of areas.  This is because environmental careers are available in a variety of sectors.  See the poster below for a list of courses that we offer at PSS which fulfill the requirements of a SHSM, as well as a list of careers in the environmental sector: 

SHSM_Environment_Poster.pdf SHSM_Environment_Poster.pdf
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What certifications will I be able to take if I am in the SHSM?

The following training opportunities are available to students in the program:

  • Standard First Aid
  • CPR Level A
  • AED Training
  • GPS Training
  • Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA) Flatwater Canoeing
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • Leave No Trace Awareness

Do all students enrolled in the SHSM take the same classes?

Most students who are in OELP also choose to take the SHSM in the Environment, so many students in the program end up in the same classes.  However, because students can obtain a SHSM through a geography, science or physical education focus, and because students who are not in OELP can take the SHSM independently, some students may find themselves in completely different classes than other SHSM students.  Students who are working through the program independently will have the opportunity to join the OELP class on some experiences, such as "reach-ahead" opportunities or experiential field trips.

What are "reach-ahead" and "experiential learning" activities?

Most of the "reach-ahead" and "experiential" activities will take place in the OELP classroom, or during OELP experiences, such as field trips.  Students who are not enrolled in OELP will join the OELP class for these experiences.  Check out the following poster for definitions:

SHSM_Reach_Ahead_Poster.pdf SHSM_Reach_Ahead_Poster.pdf
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Is there a cost for the SHSM?

There is no cost to students in the SHSM program besides "consumables", such as food, while on field trips.  All certifications are supported by the Ministry of Education.

If I sign up for a SHSM, am I required to stay in the program?

No.  If a student finds the SHSM is not for them, they can opt out, and the credits will still count for their OSSD.

Is this the only SHSM at Penetanguishene Seconday School?

PSS currently has two SHSM programs:

  • Health Care, and;
  • the Environment.

How do I apply for a SHSM in the Environment?

Please contact the guidance department for more information.  If you are interested in OELP, click on the heading "APPLYING" and follow the directions, or come see Ms. Brooks for more information.