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Apply to OELP TODAY!!

Deadline for OELP 2016 Candidates is in April 2015

(If you miss this deadline, but want to be in OELP, hand in an application anyway.  Occasionally, a space will open up, and this will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.)   

Application Philosophy

One of the goals of the program is to integrate students with different interests, ideas and future plans. This means all different types of learning styles, a mix of outdoor experiences, and students from both the College and University pathways.  This application process does not try to favour one type of student, but looks to integrate a variety of students with all kinds of interests, so that the make-up of the group reflects the variety in our community.  However, students who are applying will find more success if they have the following characteristics:

1.  Punctuality and Completion of Assignments

Students in OELP are expected to be on time, and that means handing in assignments completed to the best of their ability and on time.  When you arrive late or turn things in late, you hold up the entire group.  OELP involves a lot of group work, so this is especially important.

2.  Responsibility and Personal Commitment

As part of OELP, students are often out in the community and are expected to act as ambassadors for Elmvale District High School and the program itself.  Full commitment to the application process demonstrates a student's commitment and desire to be in the program.

3.  Academic Commitment

It is imperative that students in OELP are committed to their academic studies.  As students are required to take one course outside of OELP, they must be willing to commit to catching up on any missed work punctually and with their best efforts on their own time.  As much of OELP takes place outside of the actual high school, and students are involved in many projects at a given time, students are expected to strive to be organized.  In addition, as this is a curricular program, it is expected that it will take precedence over non-curricular or extra-curricular activities. 


How does the selection process work?

After completing the required forms, and handing these in on time, all applicants will be considered.  Students who did not complete the full process - or who hand in required forms late - will be put on a waiting list.  The following process will then occur:

Note:  All applying students must attend at least one OELP information session prior to applying.

1.  Application forms and alternative resumes will be reviewed and marked with a rubric.  Students will be assigned a level that will factor into their overall ranking.

2.  Students who have the highest level on their application/resume will move on to the next step, where the teacher references will come into play.  Students will be selected for the interview process at this time.

3.  If enough students apply and meet application criteria, they may be required to sign up for an interview or a "selection activity". 

The interview would be conducted by a current OELP student, who will also be able to answer any questions from a "student perspective."  At this time students will be asked whether they wish to be on a waiting list, in the event they are not accepted into the program immediately.  A teacher will be present for the interview.

The "selection activity" would include a combination of environmental and initiative games, to assess the leadership abilities of individuals and the cohesiveness of the group.

Note: As the second semester approaches, there is occasionally room for one or two extra students.  If a student has missed the application deadline but would like to apply, he/she should contact the guidance department as soon as possible to inquire about extra spaces.  These are given away on a first-come, first-serve basis.